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This silver square cornered A2 Lockable Steel Back Magnetic snap frame clips open from the front and around all four sides. The clip frame system makes changing graphics easier without having to remove the frame from the wall each time. These poster frames are also called snap frames or clip frames. They can be displayed in portrait or landscape orientation and come supplied with a clear cover to protect your poster and with mounting hardware. They are ideal for advertising as well as displaying magnetic signage due to its steel magnetic backing. It also has a special feature which allows you to lock the snap frame without a lock to prevent tampering.

Please Note: 

  • This product is designed for indoor use only. Outdoor use may warp non-uv protective cover.  For outdoor use please click here for to add a polycarb outdoor cover:
  • This product is lock free but is locked using a sequential lock system by closing the snap frame in a certain sequence. This prevents tampering.


(Product Code:  SKU: PSMS2)

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