Snap FramesSnap Poster Frames 

Our snap poster frames are lightweight, robust and easy to use. Your poster can be fitted into the aluminium frame in seconds, utilising the poster frames front- loading snap system. (All four sides of the frame hinge open and close with a firm snap action, enabling prints to be changed from the front.) 

Our frames are made from aluminium profile with sturdy PVC backing and antiglare clear PVC covering to protect your posters/prints. They come with screws and wall plugs and may be fitted in landscape or portrait format.

Our snap poster frames are suitable for any kind of business that needs to deliver a professional message to the public. Some of our clients are shopping centres, shopfitters, banks, hotels, post offices, restaurants, schools, universities and hospitals.

Our snap poster frames are utilised to neatly and professionally display advertising materials, signs, evacuation plans, posters, information materials, etc.

We stock various styles of snap poster frames, please choose the style: